Sunday, December 26, 2010

Living with Cranky McWhineypants

I live with "essential personnel." Yes, the Moose is considered such, even when he bugs me, someone considers him "essential." I love the snow. The Diva loves the snow. Hell, even the dog loves the snow. We haven't had a great snowfall like this in probably 20 years. I want to enjoy it. Cranky McWhineypants has to work night shift this weekend. Dude, I am sorry that you have to go to work but don't rain on our snow parade! I don't have to be back to work until Wednesday and I survived the "Others" Christmas Chaos Tour 2010 that visited my house yesterday so suck it up, Moose! Do I need to remind you that there is NO H in Whine(ypants)?! GAH!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I am faking being a good parent tonight

I am tired. The mother in law will be here tomorrow and I have, I admit, been in the wine a bit.. Ok-a lot. We are awaiting 6 inches of snow on Christmas Day afternoon/evening and I am secretly spazzing in my head. The diva wants to watch a movie. We need AA batteries. Boo hiss. We don't have any. I still have 3 things to wrap, I mean stuff in gift bags. After fake playing with the Blu Ray, the diva finally decides she'll watch the peasant ABC Family Channel and be happy. Yay. I didn't want to get up again anyway.