Monday, February 25, 2013

One Day I'll Write A Book About Crazy Stuff But Not Tonight Because I Just Came Home From Bunco And I' m Tired

Okay, so I abandoned my blog and I missed it so I am back. I make no promises except to just try.

Just another crazy work day where a patient from 2 years ago (who coincidentally I thought would live best in another time zone FAR FAR AWAY) saw me and was so excited to see me that he hugged me and introduced me to everyone within a 2 mile radius of the hospital. I was stunned that he remembered me and that he was doing quite well, honestly. He has a job and he likes to bathe now. Hurray and hurray!!! Despite how much he frustrated me 2 years ago, I was glad to see him thriving. He was certainly nicer than that bratty kid from last week who told me I had ugly hair when I said hello to him. Even if my hair WAS ugly, I didn't want or need critisism from someone can't even tie his shoes. 
Work is usually not anything close to the day I planned. People surprise me in good and bad ways. I think the little things are big things with the people I work with and I appreciate the reminders of why I plow through this as a career.