Monday, October 18, 2010

For my sweet sweet diva. 6 years ago, I was mere hours from your early bird arrival. About 6 hours from now, you would announce your intention to the world. I love you with all my heart and being. Yes, you were named after this song but it's because your Papa (my father) played Neil Diamond as I grew up and there was no other song so fitting. Thank you for the joy and laughter you bring us every single day.
BBC Radio Theatre London U.K. 2008-05-14

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Praise God and pass the bread, we have found an extracurricular activity that doesn't involve competition and the diva's progress will be strictly at her own will and determination. Taekwondo!!! I had no idea it was all one word until we walked into the studio. Seriously. I was making it all Hooked On Phonics/3 wordy. Surprise! It's one word. So I learned something new today.

We literally stumbled upon this idea. The diva has wanted to do some form of martial arts ever since she saw a Scooby Doo Samarai movie a year ago and we've waited until we felt she'd get the most out of the experience. The diva and I went to our local county fair last week and went to various booths. We tripped over some debris on the ground and looked up. There was the ATA booth. The diva realized what the ATA was before I did. I signed up for a free class for the diva and we scheduled exactly when we'd go. It was this evening.

First impression-wow-this place is clean and looks "important." I don't know how to explain that part but it just did. It was organized. For some reason I expected either Hitler to meet us at the door and make us all cry or complete chaos. It was a great feel. Kids were being kids but as soon as they bowed to the mats and stepped in for class, it was ON! I was glad that the diva was positioned within the class to where she could see a very impressive young boy, perhaps a few years older than her. She followed a lot of his lead. Even as an adult, I did not feel worthy to spy on the class. There was plenty of interaction between their instructor and the kids. They know their kids. They command respect and they earn it. The diva was fully immersed in the instruction and the Moose and I were so excited to see her focus.

I'm excited to see what the next 6 months (and beyond) bring to all of us!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Words coming to fruition

Today I asked the diva more about school. Kindergarten has been a great transition for us and I am proud that (so far) I know her homework! LOL. I am certain I won't always be able to say that and probably sooner than I hope!

Every day when I drop the diva off I say, "I love you. Remember to be a good friend and a good listener." I know I say it so much that some days she says it with me but I really mean it when I say it. Seems like such a simple statement but it can go a long way. There is a new boy with red hair in the diva's class. I asked who the diva plays with at recess and she said named 'a friend' and ___, the new boy." Oh really? How new is he? According to her he's VERY new and she is glad to be his friend. I told her I bet the new boy with red hair is glad that she is being a good friend and the diva agreed.

It appears that not only is the diva being a good friend but mostly a good listener. I am so proud of her.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

First mouse of the season-EEK!

So I am typing this with throw up in my mouth, a wine glass to my left (well, that's nothing new) and there is a MOUSE in this damn house and I am PISSED because I can NOT claim him on my taxes, I did NOT rescue him from the Green Mile at the animal shelter, and he is evil and uninvited and....oh I am SO not happy about this. I heart Fall, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF MICE TRYING TO BE SQUATTERS IN MY HOUSE, and I just would like ONE FALL to just know that not ONE mouse has been in my house. We've had enough of mice for the year. We went to Disney, saw Mickey and all the cool insanity that is Disney World, and ok, I've had my fill of mice. I will NOT sleep until I see a lifeless mouse in a mousetrap. Calling the pest control peeps tomorrow to ask them to expedite a visit to our home.

Completely unhinged. ::insert feigned shock::