Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hi Ho the Derry Oh-the dog eats _________ (fill in the blank)

Life with a rescued boy puppy has definitely been an eye-opening experience since last September. I just cannot remember our late Hannah being so wild. We can't let him out of the fence without having him on a leash or he'll run for the hills. He eats things I would not consider to be a delicacy in any country. We've gone through countless water hoses, paper plates, grill/tiki lighters, shoes, and our teak bench has been gnawed beyond recognition. Did you know that puppies (well Scooby, at least) find solar lights to be great hockey pucks and eventual teething rings? Now he's going for the hammock. He's not the brightest in thinking the hammock should be eaten. He also uses the hammock to walk under and scratch his back.
Don't get me wrong. We (usually) love this dog but if his diet would be dialed back to actual dog food, that would be great. Once the weather gets cooler we'll definitely be working on obedience class scheduling. ::sigh::

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Great Earring Piercing Debate

The diva loves jewelry. Specifically, she love MY jewelry. I'm not a huge collector but the diva loves my earrings. And my rings. And my bracelets. And, ok, some of the necklaces.
When she was born she had friends who had their ears pierced as infants. I was too chicken, on her behalf. I wanted HER to make that decision. Now I wonder if I let the diva go with her decision to have her ears pierced and she blames ME for the pain, can we both get over it? Could I live with the guilt? Would she hate me beyond the teen years?
I want her to be happy. I have guilt pretty much every single day about her being an only child but things were just not in our favor to give her a sibling. I want her to have fun things to do and to be happy. I worry daily that I am a substandard mother. Yes. Every. Single. Day. I have an overabundance of Mommy Guilt. If we'd stayed in our old house I could have been a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) but I also wonder if I could be a decent SAHM but I love our house and I am not scared of our current neighbors. LOL-sorta... 
OK-so this has strayed from the whole Ear Piercing Debate. Her birthday is in October. Let's see what she decides them, m'kay?
I'll let you know! :)